Friday, June 26, 2009

Homemade Styrafoam Stamps! Oooh lala!

Here's a new project for you to try out . It's very inexpensive, creative, and environmentally friendly

Styrofoam container (the one's your packaged veggies come in from the grocery stores)
Aleene's Tacky Glue (Here a soft gel or Heavy Gel Medium would work well also)
Unmounted linoleum
Glue stick
Scissors (For carving, and cutting shapes)

~Use blunt end of scissors fo
r creating shapes on the styrofoam(or any blunt object)
~Save the side parts of the styrofoam. Cut them in various shapes,circles, rectangles and mount on' unmounted linoleum' purchase at any art store. Very inexpensive. I like the harder linoleum for this.

~For more durability surround your stamps with a soft gel medium.
~Cut shapes in the styrofoam and seal edges with soft gel medium

Have fun!
Share your ideas here.

Mariette xox


WildGoose said...

Hi art-lover,
What kind of inks or paint do you use to print with?I tried scratch-foam as a base-really pretty similar to styrofoam, as it's also extruded polystryene... and found it didn't ink up too well with lino block you use pigment or dye pad ink?Do you coat it with something to release the paint first?

artlover said...

Hi WildGoose!
Thanks for your question.
I've been using Mars black Acrylic, and a brayer.
Pour some acrylic, and roll your brayer in it until fully covered.
If it's very hot a little bit of acrylic glaze will help to stretch out the acrylic.
Then,roll it on your foam, and stamp.
I'll be posting another video soon on how to..

Mariette xox