Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yogurt aluminium cover embossing technique

I saw a demo on 'metal aluminium sheet'. When you purchase them
it has a protective sheet, and when remove it will stick wherever you
place it.
Well..I had an idea the other day by using the foil cover on a Yogurt container.
I liked the recyling and artistic appeal of this and tried it.
I haven't tried it with the store bought aluminium; but that is another experiment;-)
The yogurt top I used was from 650 gram Organics Yogurt which I purchased from
Safeway. It is sealed with a circular foil, and that is what I use.
After I remove it , I wash it, dry...then it's ready to use.


Circular foil from Organics Yogurt container
Indian wooden blocks(or anything that will emboss)
Adirondack alcohol inks of various colors, Alcohol ink applicator (can be purchased at Michaels)
Heavy Gel Medium works wonder!


Place circular foil above surface to be embossed
Use your stump and lighthly rub until you are satisfied with result
Then use alcohol adirondack inks..(a few drop on Alcohol ink applicator)
Than smoosh..(circular movement on embossed surfaced)

I discovered that Heavy Gel Medium or Extra Heavy gel medium will glue the foil very well

Enjoy and most of all have fun
Let me see some of your work, and post it here;-)

**NOTE**In the original message I suggested double sided tape; but I came with a better solution Heavy Gel Medium or Extra heavy gel works better, and less fussing with the double side tape.;-)

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Arty Em, Creativity Traveler said...

hey - great idea. I will try this. i will be back often to see your hints. thanks!